Climate Change

4 Reasons Why Americans Are Less Afraid of Climate Change Than The Rest of The World

No matter how shocking the above statement appears, it is true. A recent study conducted by Pew Research Center indicates that comparison of fear of climate change, between Americans and Europeans.

According to study, 56% Americans are scared of climate change and global warming as compared to 64% of Europeans.

The logical question which should arise in everybody’s mind is that why does such a great fluctuation occur?

The shortest answer is “multiple reasons”.


  1. There’s no hard and fast evidence as to why Americans fear lesser climate change than the rest of the world. A person may have a favored opinion, depending on the part of the world he or she lives. The influence of surroundings matters a lot.
  2. Another logical reason is that there have been claims by certain scientific researches which suggest that Europeans have greater scientific knowledge than Americans. Maybe that’s the reason so many of them are scared of climate change.
  3. Political affiliation also matters a lot. Inside the United States of America, the word “climate change” is mostly replaced by a popular politically used term “global warming” and it is not just the US, the public opinion polls of Norway and UK express a similar story that the use of words and influence of a particular political party greatly affects an opinion across a country.
  4. The influence of conservative think tanks influences a community and this factor affects US more than the Europe. Why? Because, US has only two political parties as compared to Europe. Due to presence of more political parties, the barrier of political influence is lower than the US and people try to use their own intellect or gain help from scientific journals in order to form their opinion.