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The Pros and Cons of Being a Bit Greener

Once I used to get tired of throwing food out after couple of days because most of them used to get moldy. I knew that it was wastage of money also but I had no option then. I always had to bring small amount of fruits and vegetables and also had to go to the shop almost every day. We’ve been trying to eat greener here at NZBCSD and we even put up a chart to tracker all the staffs progress. I wanted to write something a bit more personal today as to show what I’ve been doing.

vacuum sealed corn
I vacuum sealed up some corn.

I came to know about vacuum sealer. A friend of mine told me that it is the thing where I can preserve the food which is excess. I was not sure about its uses and was bit confused regarding whether I should buy it or not. Then I saw a television advertisement and read a couple of the best vacuum sealer reviews and somehow it made me satisfied regarding the vacuum sealer. I ordered one and used it as per the manual. And the result was amazing. I could then vacuum seal excess fruits and vegetables easily. I could also then preserve excess food of one day and eat that some days later.

The vacuum sealer seemed to me one wonderful tool which cut my labor down and keep everything a bit greener. Because I did not have to go to the fruits or vegetables shop every day. I could also use this tool to preserve meat also. Whenever I wanted to prepare any meat preparation, I used to marinate the meat with proper spices and ingredients. Then I used to preserve the marinated meat for couple of days in the vacuum sealer. It helped the meat to become softer and hence the food used to become very tasty. It saved my money by not letting the foods or vegetables get wasted.

Of course, this vacuum sealer has some cons. There is no product which has only pros but no cons. I started realizing some negative points of this vacuum sealer. After quite a bit of use, I felt some problems in its gaskets. Also another problem which I have seen is that after preserving the food for some days, it becomes hard to properly make the thing smell free. Also there is a limit of preserving the food. It cannot just preserve a food for a year or so. It is not healthy as well. I can keep foods inside it vacuum sealed for some days or even some months without any problem but not more than 6 months or something. But after using it for more than one year, I can easily admit that vacuum sealer is one very useful and ‘must have in the kitchen’ equipment.

So, all in all, I recommend our readers and our staff members to give these machines a try. They cut down on waste and save a ton of time.

– Sasha