Climate Change FAQs

The climate of the Earth is not consistent. It is changing continuously since the start of the world and will change as time is passing.

There are many FAQs which you generally have in your mind to ask about the climate and weather changes and what will happen in future as per predictions. Read below to find out your answers.

Are weather and climate the same thing?

No. Climate is the overall weather in a certain country. For example, one country is cold while the other country is hot. That defines climate. While the weather is a daily condition, for example, sunny on one day, drizzle the next, a certain temperature on a particular day.

Is the world facing climate change?

Yes. Climate change does not occur in one day but changes over a course of many years. The storms, floods are all a result of climate change.

What is global warming?

Global warming is the increase in the world’s temperature caused by deterioration of the Ozone Layer caused by an increase in the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

How do we know that the climate is changing?

Scientists are constantly studying the climate change. The world is getting hotter, the glaciers are melting, there are earthquakes all around, the heat is increasing. Research states that the world has experienced a drastic shift in the climate.

Are we causing climate change?

There are also many natural factors but yes humans are the major cause of climate change. The increase in the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causes the Ozone layer to deplete. Also, there is a higher percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the cutting of trees and the removal of forests.

What is the impact of climate change?

The impacts are hazardous.

  1. The world has become hotter
  2. Seas are drying up due to droughts, means the natural water reserves are finishing.
  3. Natural resources are on the verge of depletion.
  4. The air quality has diminished due to increased pollution which caused many health issues.
  5. Hazardous weather such as hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis.
  6. Sea level has risen
  7. Less natural produce and crops.

How can I help?

You can be a great help, everyone can help. You need to plant more trees and stop the cutting of trees. Factories should stop the burning of fossil fuels. You need to conserve water and natural resources. Use less transport, hence fewer emissions.

Will it make a difference?

Yes. Every small step will make a big difference in the future and the quality of life can be improved for further generations.