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Microtransactions in the Internet Economy and Bitcoin

The internet has resulted in profound changes to the economics of selling media. Before, if one wanted one an album or a movie, the only option would be to go to the store and buy it. Now, however, piracy has presented itself as a cheaper and often, especially for very popular downloads, more convenient option, […]

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Some Pieces of Gym Equipment Are More Eco-Friendly Than Others

Going eco-friendly seems to be a motto that drives every firm and manufacturer these days, and the same race has now reached gym equipment which is being modernized in a way that sustains the environment. At first, it might sound awkward how regular equipment used in fitness clubs and institutionalized gyms might have an impact […]

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4 Tips For Choosing An Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

Today it seems that every step you take is somehow associated with protecting the environment, and that also includes you choosing electronic equipment that is on the green side. An eco-friendly vacuum cleaner does, by name, not exist but it certainly can be bought based on what the impacts of you cleaning your house with […]

Climate Change Economic Incentives

Does Climate Change Have An Effect On Small Businesses?

The world is experiencing drastic climate change. This has not been the course of some days or weeks, but it has happened in many years. Climate can affect lives of people severely. The recent hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria in the USA has left people devastated. Their houses and belongings have been lost, their houses […]

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To Fight Climate Change, Removing Bad Incentives Is Just As Vital As Rolling Out Good Policies

The above mentioned statement is an excellent epitome of having a secure future for upcoming generations. The world we live in runs on gasoline and fossil fuels. Burning of gasoline produces carbon dioxide which is notorious for increasing global warming. Kudos to the exemplary work of political parties at annual summits of G7 and G20, […]