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In recent years we have been paying more and more attention to our health and lifestyle; we take care with what we eat and drink, and we make sure we get enough exercise.

Are you someone who loves their fruit juice? If so you will have considered, or already own a juicer; but what are the best juicers on the market, and which should you be looking at for your needs?

The answer is that it is personal preference, yet there are different requirements that need to be considered; the first involves the question – do you want manual or powered juicers? We took a quick look at the market and came up with some interesting answers to this, one of which was that if you are happy with a manually operated juicer then you absolutely must take a look at the stunning range from Metrokane. These beautiful devices are not just juicers, they are works of art! Really, they are like sculptures that have been put to use, art forms that are superbly beautiful in style and shape and yet useful, too. If happy with using a hand press then this is where you should look, for your kitchen will undoubtedly benefit from the presence of one of these very beautiful items.


If you want powered juicers, and let’s face it the convenience of having freshly pressed juice in a matter of seconds is something that we cannot overlook, then the market is teeming with options. We chose three impressive brands to give you a fair idea of what you should expect, and the first of these is one of the most famous names in kitchen appliances.

Breville offers a superb range of powered juicers that are both beautiful and brilliant, and the fountain effect is something that is wonderful to behold. Well made and very capable indeed, these great machines are among the most desirable in the field, and we think they are worthy of great praise.

Next, we took a look at Waring, a brand whose Pro range is highly regarded, great quality and very affordable; excellent workmanship and superb prices go into this selection to make it one of the finest on the market. Our final selection came from the Jack Lalanne range, and who better to promote a range of healthy drink machines than a superstar in the fitness world?

With a wide variety of choices in both brands, styles, and prices to choose from finding the top juicers will be something that we feel confident you will find easier following this review!