Our planet has been abused by large industries for over 100 years and we will need Eco Friendly Inventions and ideas to save our world as we know it today.

The last five years of ocean research, reveal a very serious threat to our oceans. Acid levels are rising fast and high acid levels are destroying tiny ocean sea life that live in shells.
These tiny creatures are losing their ability to create the shells they live in.

The high acid levels are a threat to all forms of ocean life if we do not change very fast.

The burning of fossil fuels with poor technology and very high Co2 emissions.

We had the technology to have emission free vehicles since 1985 but greed took over and the inventor was put through hell.

The Geet Fuel Processor:
Maybe this technology could be adapted by huge refineries

Stanely Meyers drove his salt water powered car across the US. He should have won the worlds greatest award, but He was killed and a garage full of his inventions stolen. Now in Japan they have a water powered car and they will take advantage of it.

A US inventor shocked the world when he tried to enter the Nasa Create The Future Contest and claim his first prize award.

They did not believe that Raphial R.G. Morgado with Angel Labs LLC was the one and only inventor of the MYT Massive Yet Tiny Engine. They said that team has 40 inventors on their team and some of the teams have over 60 inventors working on a project and you expect me to believe there is just one inventor for the winning project.

The MYT Engine is a multi fuel engine with very low harmful emissions and is very easy to mass produce having only 15 internal parts. The MYT 6″ Genset is now for sale and it packs a very powerful punch. 40 kW of continuous power with a fraction of the fuel. The MYT 6″ is Powered by Non Toxic bio fuel with zero harmful emissions.

Hopefully the time for suppressing Eco Friendly Inventions is over.

Do it right or don’t do it at all.

I am not a inventor, I just collect videos and ideas of Eco Friendly Inventions and environmental issues.

Make sure you know what you are investing in, don’t get Ripped Off!